Electronic Cigarettes in Stopping Smoking

e-cigBeing the health nut that I am, my friend approached me to ask for my advice about a certain topic. I wasn’t aware of all of the back story, but apparently he has been smoking cigarettes since he was a wee young lad of the age of 14. He is now in his late twenties and wants to finally quit once and for all.

He says that he has struggled many times unsuccessfully to quit smoking. He said he bought many packs of that chewing gum that has nicotine, but he just chewed away. He also told me that he tried the patches, but they irritated his skin and didn’t really help with the need to raise an object to his mouth and suck on it.

He even bought a ticket to a hypnosis program, but never went. He has tried to ween himself off and he has tried to quit cold turkey. Nothing was working and he wanted my advice because he knew of the risk he was placing himself at, and he knew the damage he was doing to his cardiovascular system.

Because he kind of told this to me in passing, I told him I would consider his problem later on and get back to him. And I did. I came home and fired up the computer and hopped on the internet to see what I could find. And I found a new solution that I wasn’t previously aware of. There is such a thing now called the electronic cigarette. It vaporizes some liquid that can have nicotine suspended in it or not. You can choose your dosages, and you can still raise the e-cigarette to your lips and suck on it to get the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette.

What’s even neater is that you can have one that looks like an actual cigarette, or you can get a fancy one that doesn’t hide the fact that it’s an electronic cigarette. Whatever your preference is there, the door is open to you.

So I sent my buddy a text with this link, http://www.sneakyreviews.com/electronic-cigarette-smoking-top-4-electronic-cigarette-reviews/, that has a review of almost every time of e-cigarette I came across. I’ll let him do the choosing if he decides this is a direction or approach he’d like to try. That’s up to him but he might as well give it a shot. Anything to reduce the chance of dealing with a lung or mouth cancer sounds like a good deal to me.

I hope he finds it useful. I recommend quitting smoking to any one who currently does smoke. It’s pleasurable, I’m sure, or lots of people wouldn’t do it. But we also know how damaging it can be to health and longevity. So many of us have family who died from smoking related illnesses, and that’s just not something any of us should have to deal with, especially with all of these products out there to help us stop smoking. If you currently smoke, please be actively trying to quit!